8 gorgeous websites a girl in her 20s-30s must bookmark

In case it still isn’t obvious, it is a method to my madness to put as much inspiration as I can out there for you 'cause you and I, sister, we're creative go-getters like that. So today, I decided to round up and share a list of my frequent go-tos when I need me a good refill of ideas, to strategize my game plans, or to plainly un-bore myself (a good cry at a touching article included). This list sits between thinkers and tastemakers. Each uniquely presents thoughts and ideas with so much wit and whim. Not to mention, a tasty web design. Above all, I like them for their common ground - to speak bravely and clearly to the young female heart. Telling her that she is, that she can, and that she will.

Nothing like a gorgeous-looking website that shapes up your life on all levels from finance to travel to fashion to culture to wellness. The Everygirl could be everything for any girl.

I can’t get enough of the Astrotwins. Imagine your bestfriend reading your star signs. Sisters Ophira and Tali’s horoscopes are inspiring, challenging and spot-on to some degree.

We’re all about changemakers. And Never Underdressed delivers. This website practically says, “This is the future of fashion magazines” with their not-so-intimidating articles on luxury and an offbeat responsive infrastructure.

Verily is an online magazine that pledged not to use Photoshop on their images. I reckon it is a manifestation of the ‘rise of the real girl’ movement. Revolutions aside, their content is queen. I’m a fan of their relationships section.

Although spearheaded by a girl not yet in her 20s or 30s, I  appreciate how Rookie Mag is unapologetic about empowering young women with the notion that awkwardness is okay. The way I love this zine makes me think I’m not really done growing up.

If you want to be moved on a more serious note (sometimes to the point of tears or fist pumps), Huffpost Women has some beautiful stories for you.

Styleite is my go-to for the latest heated topics in media, living, beauty and the runway. I think a little controversy now and then won’t hurt and can, matter-of-factly, set your creativity in motion.

Russh is the intelligent girl’s fashion bible. It possesses a quiet but substantial demeanor. I’m drawn particularly to their writing. Every phrase is chiming. AND they are free to download on the iPad. Win.

Care to share?
I know damn well I have not seen every lovely website under the same theme
so it would be a real joy to hear your own favorites in the comment section below.

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  1. My creative ego has been lost recently and i took a break from reading (and exploring) one website to another to say, thank you for sharing these gems. My cup is slowly being filled and now i shall return to reading! xx

    1. I am so glad that this post was able to contribute to filling your cup of creative once again, Paula, because I know you have so much to offer. <3

  2. Thank you Sofia,

    These were really inspiring, looks lil emu pinterest boards will never go hungry!!


    1. Hi Nichole! That's good to know. Yes, these lovely websites are indeed pinboard material. :)


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