A Lovely Mess: A 10-Day Collage Art Challenge (Bye, Perfectionism!)

Confession time: I am a recovering perfectionist. As I tune up my blog and get it revving for some exciting new projects and ventures, I have never been more sure that what has always kept me from doing things sooner is my fear of my work not being superb enough.

And you know what they say - the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. So you can tell this is also what used to go down every time I approach that infamous blank page, especially with the collage artworks that I create. I would toil away excessively trying to figure out how to put every detail in their right places -- as if there has always been a "right" place. As if I know where that place is. And honestly, this had only left me with more half-completed projects and those that were completed, I never really wanted to show you because they're just "not that great."

6 Design Ideas for Your Art

I think Function and Art should date more often. If imagination is Art's DNA, then the space it occupies surely extends far beyond the confines of white walls and hollow exhibit rooms. We artists are the most unrestrained of minds, which makes us all the more responsible to have the world look at the angle from which we understand it. And among the many ways we can achieve this is to not only let our art stand alone. We CAN and we HAVE TO start weaving them into industrial and daily things. If there persists within us creators any desire to influence a culture and help improve lives, we can and we need to incorporate practicality and purpose into the prettiness we make [Tweet it], to stitch stories into our commodities, and put the essential fun back in function.

We are trying to evoke and reinforce meanings from the spaces we cover and the times we're given. Short or long this becomes our purpose. What we artists do is important stuff. - Robert Genn

Late last year, I taught a class on artistic thinking and thriving as an artist in the digital space -- 30 Days of Open Art -- majority of the young creators who joined this learning experience seem to be deeply interested about how they can make their visual artworks more serviceable for other people - an also very artistpreneurial inquiry which makes it all the more worth the trouble answering.

Why Travel: When It's Time To Get Going and Be Anywhere But Here

"January is interesting. I'm two weeks in and so far the predominant theme is Departure. I've attended two funerals the past days. Then there's news of icons passing... Friends relocating out of the city... Others entering and leaving so so soon... I could have sulked. I may have sulked. But before I completely drown in my own sap, let this be a firm indication, old heart, to stay porous and get pulsing. It's time I take you out for a serious spin. You're not beating any younger...

If you feel like you seem to be always on the enduring end of all this leaving, maybe the time is never more telling for you to also get moving.

Kinesis is this year's resolution. Just booked my first solo out-of-RP retreat for Spring Equniox in March, and then some. I need this. So much unconsumed adventure stuck in my lungs. So many unfound pieces of me I know I haven't fully lost in the flood. So immense the portion of skies and soil I have yet to attempt. And maybe, just maybe, someone like you to meet halfway around it.

Come on, World. Whisk me away."

Making It In Life And In Business: Help The Lonely And The Bored

I don't think I'm rightful to give any business advice yet but when I do get asked, I go for the jugular (or act as if I know where or what the jugular is) and say:
"Capitalize on your Crazy. Venture in your uniqueness. Always put imagination over intelligence, authenticity over strategy and heart above all else." Tweet it

And should anyone shake their rational groupthink heads at me, I try not to call them out. I call Seth Godin:

"Boring and safe rarely lead to connection. Connection happens when humanity asserts itself. If there's no connection, if the links aren't made, then no art occurred."

In his book, The Icarus Deception, he argues that we now live in the age of the Lonely and the Bored. And I couldn't agree more. Perhaps among the unforeseen antithesis of being given access to too much information and autonomy in the digital space is often one's anxiety, depression, apathy or skepticism, or all of it altogether. A lot of us still don't know what to do with our freedom. Our only chance at survival in business today is to be no less than our most authentic artistic selves, even if that self proves to be weird and flawed. He/she most likely will. The proposition is, it is all the better to be! This is how we will eventually save one another -- by banking on ourselves and all its edges, not despite it. When we give ourselves this freedom to be the deepest-down-simple-and-complex US, we also free those on the receiving AND witnessing end. This is the invisible linking cord, the way to make it in biz and life today -- to do something to help and humanize. To love the Lonely, listen to the Wounded, and wake up the Bored.

Open Art School: Rediscover Your Passion + Ship Your Art

My mantra for the longest time now: Create the things you wish existed. In my case, it's got to be a school.

Having made art, designed stuff and ventured into selling my creations for years now, not to mention poring over countless art books and documentaries from hours on end, I've come to understand more deeply the creative process, it's relevance in the digital age, and why now is the perfect time to show your work, and how. I want to start teaching what I've learned so far so after months of arguing with my Inner Critic, I've finally said Yes to launching my dream school (!!!) and would like to invite you to my first online workshop, 30 Days of Open Art, starting on September 10.
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