Weaving dreams and the wonders of washi tapes

Hello pretty soul.
How was your weekend?
Hope it's been super all the same.

Mine, I gotta say, was a bit on the bustle-y side. Most of it has something to do with mapping out further plans for my blog and upcoming shop. I'm more ecstatic than ever since I read your answers to the survey I asked you to fill out two weeks ago. Your wishes out of this little page sparked a lot of interesting ideas. Others were really insightful that it got me whipping out my handy-dandy notebook to chew them over. It’s funny how sometimes it only takes hearing people out to get the good stuff pouring. It may be uncomfortable to ask them at first but you’d be amazed at how others’ simple suggestions can generate kickass concepts.

A quick primer to my near future agenda - the design shop. Besides motivating creative hearts, I think it’s no secret already that I also like creating visual goodies. I love making prints and patterns then putting them on functional things. It’s an obsession of mine for two reasons: 1) I like how patterns and prints give everyday elements a story; be it fabric, interiors, furnitures, office supplies, paper products… the list is unending and 2) it’s scalable. I like doing work where the only limit is my imagination. It’s one thing I’ve always lived by. There is a fulfillment unequaled in knowing you have produced something straight out of the factories of your mind and make it useful for someone. I hope to lend you that experience when we get to the shop soon! 

As far as imagining is concerned, I got carried away while brainstorming and found myself ‘hearting’ photo after photo on DIY projects from Pinterest. I ended up crafting these printable washi tape strips. I was never a big fan of washi tapes until I realized there’s a lot I can make of it and that I can, in fact, use my own pattern designs. Below are some items I decked them out with.

Your turn. Give the internet a break and get crafting! Put your creative buns to work and show us what you got with these washis. I have to warn you though, it can get addicting. 

This item is for personal use only.
Please do not sell of redistribute.

How to use:
1. Print them on a glossy or matte sticker paper, size A4. For lasting adherence and a waterproof quality, use an A4 vinyl sticker paper.
2. Cut them to strips.
3. Stick ‘em onto anything: bull clips, polaroid clips, instax, candles, jars, stationery items, hair clips/barrettes, and more I haven’t figured out yet.

Have fun and hope you let us have a peek of your output in the comments below. :)

Did you get the word yet? I’m giving a $100 gift card from Danielle LaPorte. All you have to do is answer a super quick survey and tell me about your dreams. Yes. I’m extending the date of joining! There's a lot you can choose to miss in this world, this shouldn't be one of them. :)

8 gorgeous websites a girl in her 20s-30s must bookmark

In case it still isn’t obvious, it is a method to my madness to put as much inspiration as I can out there for you 'cause you're a creative go-getter like that. So today, I decided to round up and share a list of my frequent go-tos when I need me a good refill of ideas, to strategize my game plans, or to plainly un-bore myself (a good cry at a touching article included). This list sits between thinkers and tastemakers. Each uniquely presents thoughts and ideas with so much wit and whim. Not to mention, a tasty web design. Above all, I like them for their common ground - to speak bravely and clearly to the young female heart. Telling her that she is, that she can, and that she will.

Nothing like a gorgeous-looking website that shapes up your life on all levels from finance to travel to fashion to culture to wellness. The Everygirl could be everything for any girl.

I can’t get enough of the Astrotwins. Imagine your bestfriend reading your star signs. Sisters Ophira and Tali’s horoscopes are inspiring, challenging and spot-on to some degree.

We’re all about changemakers. And Never Underdressed delivers. This website practically says, “This is the future of fashion magazines” with their not-so-intimidating articles on luxury and an offbeat responsive infrastructure.

Verily is an online magazine that pledged not to use Photoshop on their images. I reckon it is a manifestation of the ‘rise of the real girl’ movement. Revolutions aside, their content is queen. I’m a fan of their relationships section.

Although spearheaded by a girl not yet in her 20s or 30s, I  appreciate how Rookie Mag is unapologetic about empowering young women with the notion that awkwardness is okay. The way I love this zine makes me think I’m not really done growing up.

If you want to be moved on a more serious note (sometimes to the point of tears or fist pumps), Huffpost Women has some beautiful stories for you.

Styleite is my go-to for the latest heated topics in media, living, beauty and the runway. I think a little controversy now and then won’t hurt and can, matter-of-factly, set your creativity in motion.

Russh is the intelligent girl’s fashion bible. It possesses a quiet but substantial demeanor. I’m drawn particularly to their writing. Every phrase is chiming. AND they are free to download on the iPad. Win.

Care to share?
I know damn well I have not seen every lovely website under the same theme
so it would be a real joy to hear your own favorites in the comment section below.

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I miss motivation

I had a bit of nostalgia today. Do you remember when we were little? When we were recipients of a lot of praises and pep talks? We had unlimited supply of you-can-do-its and I-believe-in-yous from our parents, uncles, aunts, teachers, all them elders.

Do you notice how that diminished now? We’re in our 20s or 30s - the start of real struggle and sorting out yet somehow motivation seems few and far between. Yes. Exactly. Motivation. Hardly present. At this point. When you swear to the heavens you need it most.

What often happens next is a sad story. The world shifts our idea of motivation and fixes our eyes solely on something that looks like this - $ or this - ₱. So we settle. We become scared. We turn away from who we really are. We grow selfish with our realness.

Listen. I don’t think you should settle and be selfish in your early years because, in case you haven’t heard, your quarter life is where and when you have the most ideal combination of things to offer the world - energy, time, ideas, vigor, beauty, youth and *insert own talent here*. Don’t let the speed of 10 years pick up without you delivering them. Please.

Just for now, let me be that motivation we all miss from our childhood. Let me say, you know better than settling. You’re creative. You have a lot of muchness in you. I heard you had tons of ideas. Great! Get them out of the way now. Launch that clothing line, enroll in that acting class, publish your first blog post, make your first 10K run. Scared you’re not ready? Well, guess what, the best people who made it happen never felt ready. So it’s either you start or you don’t. You’ll learn or you won’t.

I hope you do it anyway, darling.

If you stick around, you'll learn more about how to effectively build your dreams in our upcoming posts.

The floor is yours
Motivate yourself a little. If you’re in your quarter life and settling was not an option, what would you be doing so willingly now? You can share your thoughts below!

AND if you have any creative endeavors you're working on and need more boost, I think you should check out my $100 gift card giveaway from Danielle LaPorte.

In goes the sunshine. Out pours the good stuff.

Prepare your virtual baskets to fill some goodies with. No one leaves this page empty-handed.

In a month-old post, I talked about The Desire Map by the divinely awesome Danielle LaPorte. In a sentence, the book is about answering the question WHAT DO YOU MOST WANT TO FEEL? It taught me that deciding on a feeling is as crucial as deciding what to be. To lay it out simply, for so many years, we've been taught to fill this in, "What do you want to be 10 years from now"? I want to be a successful entrepreneur. How about successful AND happy? Its rally: go for a feeling. Your core desired feelings.

The Desire Map workbook that came along with it was supreme. But it was deliberate. It was uncomfortable. Daring. But did set something in me free. It first helped me realize what I want to do more of. My answer: to create, to give, and to give some more. It then asked me to identify a feeling to go with it by selecting a word I feel very much at one with. The instruction - reflect on it. Use it everyday. Put it on your wall. Speak it. I looked up words, tried them on for size. I want to feel this. I want to feel that. This didn't work. That didn't roll of the tongue nicely. I listed them all. Until finally I chunked it down to four core desired feelings with one being the word I resonated with entirely - flourish.

definition from Merriam-Webster.com

to grow well : to be healthy
a sudden smooth movement that is likely to be noticed
to hold up and show (something) in an excited or proud way
Synonyms: bloom, be alive with, thrive, curl, sweep, design, pour out
Light was shed in an instant. Yes, I told me, yes, I want to flourish.
Below is an excerpt from my answered The Desire Map workbook (and another Instagrammable):

Super glad you read all the way through because I have something for ya! If you like the vibe of this entry or have found a connection with my core desired feeling - flourish - here is a FREE HEADER you can use on your blog, your Facebook cover, your Twitter header, etc. along with a FREE WALLPAPER for your phone. May you instill and allow yourself to feel it everyday.

This item is for personal use only.
You may use them on your web pages and gadgets, whenever you'd like.
Please do not sell of redistribute.

I do not say this lightly, the discovery of Danielle LaPorte and her diamond of a book The Desire Map did wonders for me. Heart, re-aligned. Soul, fed. Mind, wired. Creativity, fluid. So (are you ready?) I'm giving away my $100 gift certificate I received from her last week  to one (1) lucky giftee. You can use it to buy anything from her shop. I heard The Fire Starter Sessions is an equally inspiring piece. I'm just about to start on it. Maybe add to your purchase The Desire Map Day Planner too. Or the e-card. Go wild. It's 100 freakin' dollars, honey. All yours.
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Things I wish I could wake up to

I could have easily called this "things I want." Period. But there is an experience so solemn about daily things that sometimes only the act of waking up could uncloak; only the first sight after a successful attempt to raise your heavy, undecided lids from its repose could make you feel.

To wake up, for me, is a fete. An actually perfect moment to make a toast. "Cheers to the gift of breath!" Every waking day must count. Our mornings must brim with wonder and a holy kind of feeling happy that the things we first see when we rise from our slumber matter a lot, however simple they are.

I invite you to ponder. What will give you joy first thing in the morning? What are the things you wish you could wake up to? Do not censor yourself here. I have this feeling that doing this exercise may hearten you to pursue something bigger or better.

Here's what's on my list. I wish I could wake up to:

  • an exciting day, in all its bustling glory, that rolls me out of bed as willingly as it would nuzzle me to sleep
  • a two year old's ticklish touches
  • a blog comment
  • a carefully curated news feed on Facebook
  • a labyrinth to pace myself before I face the world ahead of me
  • cleaner streets; sturdier constructions
  • a brand new ozone layer (don't censor yourself!)
  • my future students all wired to learn something new
  • a thank
  • a patio or balcony in sight with flowering bulbs and perennial vines
  • a Christmas feeling all year round
  • a faint school kids' laughter
  • a room on a 20-something floor, white-washed, no paintings, only a window that frames a lovely skyline
  • chintz printed sheets

Feel free to share your list on the comment section. I would absolutely love to hear what's on your gorgeous mind!

Lastly, here's my first free Instagrammable - a quote shareable on Instagram or on any Social Media platform, in fact, which you'll be seeing more of in my future posts. Right-click+save as that shiz!